20 October 2023

Transport of agricultural machinery

Transportation of agricultural machinery - with what and what costs?

Agricultural machinery transportation plays a key role in today's agriculture, allowing farmers to efficiently move heavy agricultural equipment from one place to another. Let's find out the importance of using professional agricultural machinery transportation services and the benefits of this type of service.


Why is the transportation of agricultural machinery important?

With the development of agricultural technology, farm machinery has become larger and more sophisticated. Transporting these heavy pieces of equipment can be difficult and require specialized equipment and knowledge. That's why professional agricultural machinery transportation services are crucial to ensure efficient agri-food production. Improperly conducted transportation of agricultural machinery can involve the risk of traffic accidents, equipment damage or other problems. Our transport company employs qualified drivers and has equipment tailored to the specifications of the machinery being transported, which minimizes the risk of incidents and guarantees safe transportation.


Agricultural machinery transport services

Agricultural machinery transport services include the transportation of various types of agricultural equipment, including tractors, combines, trailers, planters, as well as other specialized machinery. Professional transport companies have specialized trailers and equipment to safely transport these heavy and non-standard loads. Safety of agricultural machinery during transportation is crucial. Our company uses proper procedures and safety features, such as lashing straps, internal locking devices, and shock protection to prevent equipment from moving during transport. All of this is designed to minimize the risk of damage and loss of value to the machinery.


Transportation of agricultural machinery abroad

International cooperation in agriculture has become commonplace, which means that transporting agricultural machinery abroad is often necessary. Our company specializes in transporting agricultural machinery to countries such as France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. This allows farmers to gain access to new markets and technologies, which contributes to the development of their business. Each case of transporting agricultural machinery can be unique due to the type of machine, distance and specific conditions. Professional transport companies are flexible and customize their services to meet individual customer needs, ensuring that the equipment is delivered in a satisfactory manner.


The main foreign directions of our company

Our company offers transportation services for agricultural machinery mainly to France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. We offer a comprehensive service from the moment of loading to the delivery of equipment to its destination. Our fleet is modern and adapted to transport machinery of different sizes, which allows us to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Farmers often have to adhere to strict deadlines, especially during the harvesting and fieldwork season. DST Transport understands the importance of timeliness and we strive to deliver machinery on schedule, which contributes to the smooth running of agricultural processes.


Price per kilometer in the transportation of agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery transportation is different from typical trucking services. It requires specialized equipment and skilled drivers who can handle non-standard loads. This means that the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining specialized transport equipment and training drivers affect the price per kilometer. Transportation costs depend on the type and size of the agricultural machinery being transported. Heavier and larger machines require special trailers, which can affect transportation costs. In addition, non-standard machines or those that need additional security during transport can generate higher costs. An obvious factor affecting the cost of transporting agricultural machinery is the distance between the loading site and the destination. A longer route requires more time and fuel, which increases costs. Therefore, when choosing a transportation company, it is important to consider the distance and its impact on the price per kilometer. Some transport companies offer additional services, such as cargo insurance, keeping an eye on the safety of machinery during transport or handling customs formalities for international shipments. These additional services can affect the price, but can also provide additional value and security.



Transportation of agricultural machinery plays a key role in today's agriculture, giving farmers access to new markets and technologies. DST Transport & Logistics mainly moves to France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, offering competitive prices per kilometer. Thanks to our professional transportation services, our customers can focus on agri-food production, knowing that their equipment will be delivered safely and on time.

For companies that regularly use our company's transportation services, it is possible to negotiate prices and enter into long-term contracts. Long-term contracts can result in more favorable prices per kilometer and stability in transportation planning.